Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lustfully Afloat

It has been years since a word was written to be read. Usually, it will be an unpleasant moment in life that sentences are uttered through words... and it had been an unwell season for all, a disease without a cure, where trust diminishes, with love and life, and possibly, a living - lust.

I was a boy, a nerd, or a geed you might call, a naive boy with shyness straying away down the streets of the concrete jungle and a lone ranger seeking ways for survival. One fine day, I was cracked apart, to be a man of my own by the few special person I've met in my life.

As life cycle goes on, ups and downs in life is unavoidable, and so the ship continues to sail through the stormy weather.

Having a challenging past poses great rewards ahead, and not to say, greater challenges. Being promoted again and again in jobs, and a hop in my career to where I am today, the head was held high like the captain of a ship, receiving massive rewards from bounties attained. But unpredictable dark days are still ahead, unknown, and uncertain. 

While I was drowning within my ego, dark days struct. It was that night when lust took over my life, the evil in the heart, the crave for love, the hunger for a companion. Without knowing, hurting a shipmate who was then inspiration to my life, a brother, a friend. Since then the ship wrecked.

It was indeed a stupid instinct, an idiotic action, but all can be done today is patching up the wreckage. The patches, a scar to remember forever. It can be demolished and rebuilt to its initial look, but deep within, those memories is harshly marked... a scar, a wound, a stab, that will never be forgotten.

7 years of sailing was never easy. But with just a pinch of lust, pure love was transformed into unprecedented evil. I can neither forgive myself, nor do I beg for forgiveness. All I'll ever ask for is an opportunity for me to continue loving you, and a chance for another love from you. 

A family is never about the blood, but the bond created within, and I do realise my mistake, crossing the line. I'm sorry, and I truly do. 

This evilness broke not just the ship we have sail upon, but also the ships around me I've built in life. It wasn't a pure and honest mistake, it was a tragedy known upon.

It has become an oath I walked upon, which has opened my eyes into the bright blue sky once again. Storm might be over, but the scars remain. I've learnt my lesson, and I vow to change, continue to love everyone the right way, dismissing lust, re-patching scars, and regaining trust. 

Life will never be the same again. But the days are still far away, once again, the dark days, hopefully I'm fully prepared by then, dismissing lust, and continue to love... the right way.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Last Goodbye

It was the night when I deactivated my Facebook account due to some unresolved issues that I didn’t wanna put it in words…

It was a really sad night for me, when I had to leave and stay alone once again, like how I did before when I thought I found a “family”. But everything changes when time comes.

If things could come around, I don’t want any more arguments and quarreling going on, I don’t wanna speak on who is right and who is wrong, but just to love with all my heart… But I had to leave, for the better… I think…

I even thought of committing suicide after what has happened, but the ripper didn’t answer my call… maybe it wasn’t time yet… but at this point, I could only hope that it could answer my prayers…

Life is never as simple as ABC as time goes on. Therefore, if you’re reading this… I wish for all the best, even when I hoped that time would turn around, but things have gone up to an unresolvable stage.

I'm sorry for everything that has happened, and I also wanna thank you for everything that has happened before... because it was the most magical thing that has ever happened in my life...

Good luck and all the best in your life, as well as to everyone out there…

And Goodbye…

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 Days London [United Kingdom] – The Bullet Train City

Everything is about speed and efficiency in this city of London. Everyone walks with a speed, train reaches every few minutes, seeing high level of efficiency as well as the people. I am truly amazed on how much people could walk in the United Kingdom, which I see it as a really good thing. Lesser road transportation = lesser traffic jams, and with such high level of efficiency, everyone could be home on time for dinner.

Although it would not be a preferable city of mine due to the environment and not that friendly people around London compared to Liverpool, I think it is still an ideal place for people to travel for a visit. Beautiful day and night view as well as a really historic city, definitely a nice place to hang out with friends and families after a long tired day of work. It wasn’t a really great memory staying in London, even though we have got free accommodations, all thanks to my friend Mike Ooi for letting us stay over… :) THANK YOU!!! But if you’re not prepared for a busy city, then please do not visit London. Other than that, London is definitely a nice place to go to… :) Cheers Londoners.



Some pictures on the P&O Cruise
from Paris to London

London Undergrounds
P/S: Put some air ventilation in it!! it is freaking hot & stuffy!!


20 Days “Refugee” – (Day 18 –> 23 – Austria -> Luxembourg -> Brussels -> Belgium -> Amsterdam [Holland] -> London [UK])

This will be the last piece and also the end of my 20 days Europe trip, but this will not be the ending of my visit to these wondrous places on earth. The fusion between human and nature could be seen throughout my whole journey, as I was blessed with not only a great memory, but also great knowledge about the world.

As for this last post, I’ll let the pictures do the talking… :)


Me and my bro in Amsterdam... :)

For those who wonders what space cake is,
This is space cake aka cake with marijuana...

Ratings: NO EFFECT!!

If you want those with effects - GET THE MUFFINS!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

20 Days “Refugee” – (Day 15 -> 17 – Florence [Italy] -> Venice [Italy] -> Verona [Italy] -> Austria)

It has come down to so many days of traveling, and we are only three quarter through the whole trip as planned. But still, we are all enjoying our days in different places. Although a little bit rush, because we are traveling through 10 countries within 14 days (excluding the 6 days Scotland trip), therefore, there are many things that was missed out.

But one thing that I do not care most will be tourist attraction places. I am a person who loves to walk through small alleys, looking at different things rather than seeing things that everybody is looking at, and could be found in Google. But of course, I will just pass by those humongous and gigantic buildings for a picture or two, and there I go, back to my mission.

Walking past Florence aka Firenzi was just another city. Nothing much different compared to other places around Europe. Although there is still some differences compared to other cities in Italy, but Florence can be seen as a place for the average people rather than for people above the line. We could see gypsies begging for money with a fake pregnancy, and of course we know what to do with it, but with smaller sculptures everywhere and markets, it tells me that people here are living the old skool way (But things in the market ain’t cheap at all).

Then we moved on to a place where everybody would be linking it to “love”, Venice, in which I would link it as a maze. It is just so hard to find a place out from there and I don’t really felt loved. Perhaps, sitting on the gondola would give me that feeling, in which I did not, or maybe perhaps I did not have a partner to be with. But for me, Venice during the day is just another island. Although it is majestically the floating city in which I was awed and surprised on how they could actually live within rivers that kinda stink, but I was really impressed on the strength and ability of human to survive anywhere around this world.

Finally, the last destination of Italy, Verona. Didn't do much there, just stopped by for a Chinese cuisine. But I was addicted by the sound of basses once we got out from the Chinese restaurant at night. It was so tempting and I would want to try it out. And of course, tons of good looking people around too. Walking pass a street could see 9 out of 10 of them are seriously good looking. But of course, after all the bad day that we’ve been through (bus wreck for few hours, and got stuck inside the bus having free saunas), everyone looks ugly. Haha…

We then took the night in Verona, moving on to Austria the next day. Nothing much in Austria I would say. But the crystals there are cheap though. I didn't buy much cause I need to budget, and of course I bought some little gifts for my friends and there we go, end of story in Austria…… WAIT!!! Forgot about the dinner in Austria. The food was great. We had bacon, and it was really well cooked. Finally we know how to eat that thing the right way. LOLZ! Not really an Asian’s taste, but it was still edible because everyone was hungry. Thank you for the nice hospitality though. :) Love it…

The origins of Pinocchio...

Squid Ink Spaghetti... :)

Austria crystal factory... Swarovski

20 Days “Refugee” – (Day 12 -> 14 – Switzerland -> Monte Carlo [Monaco] -> Nice [France] -> Vatican City [Italy] -> Rome [Italy])

This is might be a long post because I have been writing for a few days due to exhaustion as well as the inconvenience of writing it.

Previously, we’ve talked about Switzerland, therefore I’m going to skip it and go straight to Monte Carlo, the capital of Monaco. There are a few things that I’m curious about this place (but definitely they have an explanation for it):

1) The size of Monaco = The size of Monte Carlo.

2) Does everyone have a ship or cruise or whatever there? The numbers are much more crowded than the number of cars in KL (a little bit exaggerating).

3) Since that most of them are rich people there, can’t ya’ll make that place a little cooler? IT IS FREAKING HOT!!! HOW CAN YOU STAY THERE??!!

But it is definitely a place that amazes me out. I saw cars that ferries players of Manchester United. But we moved on to another place, out of the hot place. But one compliment from me, it is freakingly beautiful there.

Next, we moved to Nice, a place of where Mother Nature comes together with human lives. The combination is so perfect until it turned into a dream place of mine. I swear that I will move there one day because it is a place that everybody would’ve dreamed of. The beach and the structure is just perfect. And I think that it would be a little bit more affordable compared to Monaco. :P

On the 14th day, we set foot into a one of my dream city (before I came for Europe Trip), Italia, which has totally changed my perception after that. Italy is a beautiful country, just that I’m really amaze on how they park their car. It is totally impossible for a car to get out from that parking space. Gosh, they’re god. But of course, stepping into the holy area of Vatican City really opened my eye. The structure is so well built, which has gave me a deep impression. They really did a great job coming out with the smallest country in the world.

But what I can’t remember the most is getting hit by another person in Rome *ngek ngek* (didn’t know my market was so international. Maybe I should consider getting one overseas since my market is not in Malaysia)… LOLZ!!!

My room mate, Lissa, posing in a railway
in Switzerland... :)


Nice: WAIT FOR ME!!!


Sunset on our way to hotel...

Vatican City... crowds EVERYWHERE!!

Rome: Wishing pond...
and Andrew, I can see your coins... OPPS!!